How to say “I love you” to the lady without words.

lady love rose

It happens to you that having entered a chat with a lady, you do not know what to chat about with the lady? And if so, how often? We do not need an answer, answer yourself. We give you a solution. We often share with you interesting facts or stories that you can share with your beloved ladies. With our blogs you will always have something to chat about with a lady.

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What do you know about the “language” of flowers? I here recently thought how often flowers appear in our life. Have you ever thought about this? Some flowers are given to us, some we give to ladies, with some we want to show our love, some we just see on the flower beds in the parks, and some grow in our houses. I read a lot of articles and now I can tell you about it. So the language of flowers was born in the East, where ladies were forbidden to communicate with men. Ladies often “talk” through the use of colors, which gave different shades of feelings and moods and ladies and men could show their love.
The language of flowers only seems simple at first glance, but it is not. In different countries the same flower can be interpreted in different ways and sometimes have a fundamentally opposite meaning.

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And what flowers do you like? Personally, I like roses and many ladies too. I think that you have given roses to ladies. And did you know what they mean when you gave them to ladies? Love? Not so simple. Of course red roses have always been the symbol of love. You can always give them to your beloved lady. Claret roses – mean a passionate feeling of love. Give them to one you have a feeling of love or, in other words, like. Don’t mistake the feeling of love for love. Pink roses are a symbol of elegance and sophistication. You can give them to the lady you adore. Yellow roses mean care. They are good if you want to show your lady that you care and love her. Cream roses are a manifestation of modesty, friendly feelings, gratitude. They will fit for the first lovely date with your lovely lady. Green roses – abundance and generosity. You can give them to your lady when you want to show that you love these lady’s character traits. You cannot express love with green roses, but they are able to tell about your preferencies. Black roses – are the emblem of sadness and the symbol of death. Give them to the lady you love only if you want to end relationship. Blue roses are given to mysterious and inaccessible ladies. It can seem to you that it is bad option but many ladies try to look mysterious and inaccessible so they can find this action attractive and brave and maybe fall in love with you.
So choose wisely.